ZZ plant

Zamioculcas zamiifolia “ZZ Plant”

If at any time there was the best plant for beginners, This plant is the plant. This is a really hard-to-kill houseplant and can tolerate months and months of neglect and low light conditions and still look amazing. ZZ Plant is the best Houseplant one can place in a corner of the living area to highlight the location. It is a great office plant to put some green color in the surroundings. it develops a Rhizome/Bulb root system which allows it to store water in roots and makes it hard to kill the plant. This plant is loved for its easy-going and low-maintenance nature.

Light Requirements

Bright Indirect Light

This plant is native to the eastern Africa plant. Still, the direct sun tolerance is very low. It requires only Bright but indirect light to maintain the green glossy leaves to mesmerize you. However, If the leaves tend to lose their color when you keep them indoors it is time to shift them to a little brighter location. As ZZ starts losing its color if the light is too much or too little.

Watering Needs

Water, only when to topsoil, dries out completely.

ZZ plants develop a Rhizome root system that stores a good amount of water in the plant. Overwater will be a treat for fungus leading to root rot in the plant. If your plant is not showing any growth in the growing season and the leaves seem to be weak then possibly your plant’s root must have started to rot.

However, you must take the plant out of the pot at this point. And change the soil and add some fungicide to heal the plant and boost new growth.


Bright Indoor/ Shaded outdoor areas

ZZ Plant is more comfortable in less light areas like indoor bright areas or shaded outdoor areas. It is suggested not to place the ZZ plant outdoors in direct sun to avoid the loss of green color in leafs the yellowing of leaves.

In some locations, When it is too hot or too cold outside. Shift your ZZ indoors near a window to protect it from any uncertainties.

How to take care of ZZ Plant


Repotting is only required when the roots outgrow their current pot and would require repotting in one size larger pot when roots start coming out of the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot.

Why Repotting is important?

The reason for repotting is to give the plant additional space to grow fastly and also to provide a refresh of soil as it can become depleted of nutrients over time.


This plant can be easily propagated through leaf cuttings or by dividing the root rhizome. However, propagation by rhizome division cannot be done often as the new rhizomes grow back very slowly.


Once a month in the growing season for this plant is enough to keep it bushy and enhance new growth. However, You can also choose to mix 1 to 2 mg coffee powder in the water while watering your ZZ plant. This will help keep the micronutrients and other components of soil in balance.

ZZ plant


1. Why are my ZZ plant leaves turning brown?

Brown tips on ZZ plants are usually due to overwatering, especially if seen on new growth. Some factors like underwatering, excess heat or light, overfertilizing, or low humidity can also cause brown tips on This plant.

2. Why are my ZZ plant leaves turning yellow?

ZZ plant requires low to medium lighting to grow and thrive. If this plant does not get enough lighting, then It is likely going to suffer from issues. If the required amount of lighting is not provided to the plant then it stops producing food for the plant. The photosynthesis process gets interrupted. That results in the leaves of the ZZ plant turning yellow.

3. Leaves of my ZZ plant are curling / Why do ZZ Plant leaves curl?

The ZZ Plant leaves usually curl as a result of underwatering or an excessive amount of direct light. However, it might be resulting from getting rootbound within their container or cooler temperature ranges as well. With modified watering, location, or repotting in the bigger container, The ZZ Plant can Thrive again.

4. ZZ plant is drooping

This plant leaves generally droop or fall because of overwatering, Which leads to root rot. ZZ plant stalks can also become soggy due to low light challenges, serious under-watering, deficiency of or too much fertilizer, chilly weather stress, transplant stress.

5. Is ZZ plant good for bedroom?

Shiny leaves along with a vibrant, vertical look make this eye-catching plant a must-have for your collection. The ZZ Plant, also known as Zamioculas Zamiifolia, can handle really low light amounts and a small amount of watering. To maintain it healthy and balanced, water only when the top soil is completely dried up.

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