Watering Plants

All About Watering Plants

how to take care of plant’s watering requirement

When it comes to watering your plants, there are no fixed rules. It depends on the type of plant, soil, weather, season and etc. watering need of a plant is determined. You should just look into the soil that the top 2 inches of soil must be dry between every watering in every season for the plants in pots.

However, Factors like if your plant is indoor or outdoor, In the direct sun or shade also matters. Plants kept indoor require comparatively very little watering up to only once a week and plants outdoor may require watering up to 2 times a day in summers.

The first step is to understand the language of plants and I hope if you are here you definitely have this ability. Any leaf browning issue is directly related to water problems.

  • If leaves are turning brown from its tips it is facing underwatering problem.
  • And if the plant is turning brown from the bottom of the stem it is a over watterin problem.

Watering Plants

What is the best way to water potted plants?

The size of the Plant and the pot are the factors that decide how quickly a pot dries out. Water until water comes out of the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. Watering plants also include misting the plants with plant watering spray or a watering can.

Is it better to water plants from the top or bottom?

Watering plants using a plant watering can is the best way as it also allows to give a bath to the whole plants which helps remove the dust from leaves.

Watering Plants

Can plants be watered at night?

It is never suggested to water the plants at night as it does not allow the soil to dry. And soggy soil invites the fungus to grow. It is will be the key cause for root rot.

How do you know if a potted plant needs water?

A simple check is to see the top 2 inches of soil. when the topsoil is dry, It is time to water the plant. Requirements also change for every location. Soil check is the best method.

watering plants

How often should plants be watered?

The key to water plants is only to check if the top layer of soil is dry. As it does not allows the fungus to grow which helps to prevent root rot conditions.

What is the best time to water plants?

Watering the plants in the morning is the best. as it allows the plant to handle the heat, and it fulfills the requirement of water for photosynthesis and transpiration in the daytime.

watering plants

Should I water the leaves of my plants?

Yes, Plants loves showers as much as you do. Succulents are an exception in this. Showering plants make them feel similar to rain and also it helps in removing the dust from the leaves which enhances the ability of the plant to absorb its required supplies from the air especially helps in absorbing nitrogen.

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