Spider Plant

Spider Plant & How to care for it

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is among the most popular and easiest to grow of all houseplants. It is a plant-and-forget type of plant that tolerates really low light conditions and does not complain about it. Spider plants can typically be planted at any time of the year.

This plant is named spider due to its leaves that look like the legs of a spider and the leaves are the reason that it attracts plant lovers. The bright green foliage has that appeal that flourishes your heart and forces you to take this plant home.

However, Their beautiful-looking green leaves set this plant back as the leaves tend to turn brown very quickly and leads the plant to die as soon as there is a little issue with watering or sunlight that we will understand further.

Spider Plant

Light Requirements of Spider Plant

Indirect Bright Light- Spider plants love medium light. Keep the plant in bright to moderate indirect light. Solid green varieties require much less light compared to green and white varieties. Spider plants should not be placed in direct sun. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, causing brown tips and spots.

Is Spider plant indoor or outdoor?

it can survive anywhere till it is getting the bright light, However not direct sun.


Watering Needs of Spider Plant

Frequent watering every 2 to 4 days- This plant enjoys consistently moist soil throughout the entire year; it normally won’t like to be too dry out or too wet. Usually a low to average watering will work for this plant, you should watering this plant every 2-4 days. During the summer season water them frequently as well as in the winter season let them dry up in between watering.

When to water spider plant?

Water every 2 o 4 days depending on the season. The soil must remain moist.

Spider Plant


Bright Indoor/ Shaded outdoor areas

This Plant is more comfortable in Bright light areas like indoor bright areas or shaded outdoor areas. It is suggested not to place it outdoors in direct sun to avoid leafs Brown and leaf drop.

Spots on Spider Plant Leaves?

Direct sunlight can create spots on the leaf of the plant. Even it can cause complete browning of leaf and leaf drop.

Spider Plant

Chlorophytum comosum Care

Repotting Spider plant

Regular ready-made soil mix will work for this plant. You can also make an organic mix of garden compost, cocopeat, Perlite, and sand at home. This plant loves staying root-bound in a smaller pot. So don’t hurry to transplant them in a bigger pot.


A fully developed plant starts to make flowers, gradually developing into babies, or ‘pups’. These pups are usually rooted in the soil for growing a new plant. When the mother plant, has produced too many pups, it is best to take out them because these babies take away the energy from your mother plant.

Common Querries

How much sun does a spider plant need?

Spider plants require 6-8 hours of indirect bright light daily.

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