Pink Syngonium

Pink Syngonium plant care

Pink Syngonium is definitely the most adorable ornamental Plant. Its adorable pink arrow-shaped foliage makes it seem like an artificial plant. Perfect for Indoor purposes, with appropriate care, it can grow up to 3 to 6 feet.

This plant can start its journey in a simple and small pot at any place However, Depending upon the location and food this plant gets it can also turn into vines or can be kept as a bush as per your wish. It is a member of the Araceae family and a few common names for this plant are Arrowhead Plant, Arrowhead Vine, Goosefoot, Syngonium podophyllum.

Pink Syngonium

Light Requirements of Pink Syngonium

Indirect Bright Light (indoor/Outdoor) – Pink Syngonium plants love medium light. Keep the plant in bright to moderate indirect light. Solid green varieties require much less light compared to green and Pink varieties. Pink Syngonium plants should not be placed in direct sun. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, causing brown leaves and spots. However, It can tolerate early morning sunlight.

Pink Syngonium

Watering Needs of Syngonium

Frequent watering every 2 to 4 days

The Pink Syngonium plant enjoys consistently moist soil throughout the entire year; it normally won’t like to be too dry out or too wet. Usually a low to average watering will work for this plant, you should water this plant every 2-4 days. During the summer season water them frequently as well as in the winter season let them dry up in between watering. Note- This plant loves misting every day.

Pink Syngonium

Where to place Syngonium?

Bright Indoor/ Shaded outdoor areas

Spider Plant is more comfortable in Bright light areas like indoor bright areas or shaded outdoor areas. It is suggested not to place it outdoors in direct sun to avoid leafs Brown and leaf drop.

Can Syngonium grow in low light?

Grow pink Syngonium plant in low- or medium-light spots. Most varieties of this low-light indoor plant can grow in brighter light, as long as they do not get direct sunlight.

Pink Syngonium

Repotting & Propagation

Repotting Syngonium

Whenever you observe slower growth or distress in the plant, it’s time to repot right into a bigger pot. Preferably, the Arrowhead plant is repotted every 2 years. It grows aggressively therefore the roots grow out of the pot then it’s time to repot to make them comfortable.

How to propagate Syngonium?

It can be easily propagated by root division. The cuttings root in water as well as soil. The best time to Propagate Syngonium is the monsoons when the heat is less and moisture content in the air is excellent. These are the ideal conditions for this plant to grow.

*use of a fungicide is preferred.

Common Queries

Is pink Syngonium an indoor plant?

it can survive anywhere till it is getting the bright light, However not direct sun.

How do you take care of a pink Syngonium plant?

Watering: Maintain the soil moist throughout the growing period. Allow the soil to dry out a bit between waterings in the winter months. Additional Care: Clean up the leaves every week to free them from dirt build-up. It could also help a lot to mist the plant as frequently as you can with watering.

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