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Medicinal plants

Since the Ancient era, It has been thousands and thousands of years we humans have used plants to fill our hunger, to make covers for the human body, to take shelter, and so on. However, we as humans in the 22nd century, would not be able to realize that today no one is bare from artificial medicines. however, the discovery of these artificial medicines is only 200 years old. but then also, our sisters were living a better life naturally with the help of natural herbs and using plants with medicinal abilities.

To be precise centuries back, the whole of Asia and the sub-continent were able to cure major diseases with medicinal plants and herbs. Even in the 22nd century People in Asia and the sub-continent are majorly dependent on home remedies and medicinal plants & herbs for common illnesses like fever, cold, cough, body pain, weakness, nausea, pregnancy sickness, morning sickness, depression, anxiety, and whatnot.

Unfortunately, modern medicines are taking over the place of natural remedies day on day, And there are side effects as well. Sometimes, yes modern medicines are a must to treat an illness. But sometimes only a small home remedy can help you out.

The motive of this article is only to make you aware that the regular use of these herbs & herbal plants will keep you healthy and help you to fight against big illnesses in a hard time.

A few of the common Herbal plants / Medicinal Plants are below



Turmeric powder is the processed form of the root of the turmeric plant. Bright yellow in color, a bitter smell, but still used in every kitchen on this globe in every continental dish. It not only gives a good color to your food, But Turmeric is an excellent natural Anti-Inflammatory one that can use to overcome the discomfort of pain especially in internal pain from an accident. Apply it directly on an open wound to prevent fungus and bacterial infections due to its medicinal properties.

Researchers have also found that regular use of turmeric (A pinch of it mixed in warm water and consumed every night) can avoid DNA mutation in other terms the cause of cancer.

Neem Tree

Also known as Azadirachta indica, Neem is found across the Indian sub-continent. It is a tree that every part has different medicinal values. Neem is beneficial in illnesses like leprosy, eye disorders, bloody nose, intestinal worms, stomach upset, loss of appetite, skin ulcers, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, fever, diabetes, gum disease (gingivitis), and liver problems, etc.

Neem is known to grow in every possible climate and is grown in as harsh as possible conditions for a seedling. In India, Since ancient times fresh neem stick is used as toothpaste and a brush to start the day for every Indian. Going forward the day, Leaves are swallowed directly to empty stomach in the morning to cleanse the stomach and maintain digestion.

The powder of the bark of the neem tree is a blessing for the one facing problems of skin or diabetes. In fact, In Indian households, neem branches are kept around the person infected with chickenpox to stop the chickenpox from spreading. Neem is such a plant that it is hard to write down all the uses of this Medicinal plant.



In the holy books, It is clearly stated that Lord Rama in the time of exile for 14 years survived by eating the leaves of the hibiscus plant. However, talking about the proven studies it is found that whole Hibiscus plant is full of medicinal values to cure the illness like fever, high blood pressure, upset stomach, bacterial infections, etc.

Also, Most recent studies on Hibiscus as a medicinal plant shows that this plant ‘if consumed’ has a direct effect on improved metabolism connecting to weight loss and reducing cholesterol issues protecting you from heart-related issues.

Aparajita Plant (Clitoria Ternatea)

Looking for detoxification? Aparajita plant is a one-stop solution to cleanse your body and the soul. Clitoria Ternatea is a holly plant as per the Hindu scriptures. It is believed that this vine plant has a connection with ‘Maa Kali’ ‘Lord Vishnu’ ‘Lord Shiva’ and so on.

However, the medicinal properties of this plant are present in the flowers of this plant. Uses of The Aparajita flowers are in the form of tea. In fact, the flowers are dried and sold in the market as tea.

A few benefits of consuming the Clitoria Ternatea are it helps to recover from Diabetes,  Improves Eyesight,  Treats Neurological disorders, Healing Wounds, is an effective Hair Loss Treatment.

Tulsi (Holy Basil)

Holy Basil “The queen of every Indian house” Is a staple plant in every Indian household. The reason behind this is really simple, There are thousands of benefits of these medicinal plants.

Holy Basil has thousands of proven benefits on the human body. Some of the basic well-known benefits are like It helps to deal with Cold, Cough, and fever, good for digestion, Goes well with mint, good for the brain, good for lungs, helps in all types of viral and bacterial infections, etc

How to consume Tulsi or Holy Basil leaf?

Tulsi leaves are consumed directly, 3 to 5 leaves every day empty stomach should be chewed and swallowed. This will not only keep your stomach cool and clean. If taken on a regular basis, this not only keeps your stomach cool and clean but it boosts your immunity. In fact, the result can be seen real quick.

In Ayurveda, Tulsi is the most used ingredient in almost every medicine. If consumed regularly, It even reduces the chances of illnesses like sugar, cancer, and other blood and lungs related issues.


Aloe vera

Aloe vera plant is a succulent plant, found in every possible climate. The fluid is present in the leaves of this plant.

Alovera is another very good medicinal plant. Used for the treatments of issues like Heartburn, blood sugar, Skincare like useful for acne, dullness, rashes, and more. Further Alovera is good to recover the grey cells in the brain. Also helps in the condition of swelling in the brain.

If you have a gastric issue then aloe vera every day mixed in normal water is the best natural treatment.


Ginger is the rhizome of the Ginger plant. However, It is not only an ingredient for your food but a very strong medicine. It can cure any kind of infection of the lungs, Cough, Cold, and other influenza-like illnesses.

If taken daily mixed with a spoon of honey and black pepper. It boosts your immunity to fight all seasonal flu and fever-like a universal medicine. One should give this mixture of honey ginger to children below 15 years old in the winter season.

It also has benefits like controlling diabetes, helps in digestion, Controls cholesterol, Improves metabolism, Reduces the risk of heart disease.


Garlic is the Root of the garlic plant and is a natural and very strong anti-inflammatory. One should not make garlic an ingredient, Use only when a person is ill and requires the support of medicines. At such a state garlic can act as a natural medicine for someone.

Garlic helps to Increase metabolism, Reduces heart issues, is Anti-inflammatory, has blood flow, Balances hormones, Act as an antioxidant.

Papaya plant 

Papaya as a fruit itself has thousands of benefits on the human body. However, the Papaya plant also has a hidden capability of boosting the making of platelets in the human body.

Mash Its leaf with little water and given to one struggling with dengue and low platelet counts. Help the body to recover within 24 to 48 hours. This syrup can help you to avoid artificial support of blood components.

Also, papaya is a natural treatment for constipation, gastric issues, and many stomach-related issues. Regular use of papaya empty stomach ensures a healthy stomach.

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