Jade Plant

Crassula Ovata – Jade Plant

The Crassula Ovata, popularly known as the Jade Plant, is a wonderful plant showcasing wax-like, fleshy green leaves which can be grown in outdoor spaces. This hardy plant is an easy-to-grow succulent. It is well known to bring good fortune to your house. It is pruned to the shape you desire. Its low maintenance character makes it ideal for homes.

Jade Plant

Light Requirements

indirect sunlight

Crassula requires direct sunlight of about 4 to 6 hours every day. Considered that the sunlight does not have too much heat of it should be in indirect sunlight/under the green net.

Too much heat from the sunlight will burn the leaves of all the varieties of the Crassula plant. especially in the direct sunlight of summers.

Jade Plant

Watering Needs

Jade Plant is a succulent plant. So the same rule applies here that it needs a well-drained soil and the water must not collect in the pot. It requires watering hardly 3 times a week.

let the soil dry in between every watering. It is capable to tolerate low watering conditions up to an extent. But it can not survive overwatering.


Outdoor: Some articles say that Jade can survive indoors But jade requires 4 to 6 hours of bright sunlight every day a whole year. keeping this plant indoors will show its effect within a week and the plant will start dropping the leaves.

However, It needs to be protected from the heat in the summers. Heat with direct sunlight will burn the leaves of the Jade. You should place this plant in such a way that it gets only morning sun.

Jade Plant

Crassula Ovata/Jade Plant Care

Repotting Crassula

Repotting is never a concern. it likes root-bound condition and for the comfort of the plant repot the plant at least after 3 years.


Stem cutting is the way you can propagate

Stem cutting is the way you can propagate this plant. Monsoon is the best season for the propagation of Jade for quick results.

. Monsoon is the best season for the propagation of Jade for quick results.


A balanced NPK 20:20:20 as a foliar spray every 20 days will be best for this plant the whole year except winters.

Common Queries

1. Do jade plants need a lot of sunlight?

This plant requires a good amount of light of about 4 to 6 hours every day. to avoid the leaf drop.

2. Why do jade plant leaves fall off?

There are only 2 factors that make jade leaves fall off are overwatering and low light location.

3. Where should you place a jade plant in your house?

Any location getting a good amount of bright sunlight but now direct heat.

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