Dumb cane (Dieffenbachia)

Dieffenbachia is a very well-known house plant because of its Hardy nature. This is native to the West Indies. The attractiveness of the dumb cane plant arises from the unique pattern of every leaf.


Lighting Requirements

Dieffenbachia grows well indoors, with room temperature. It can’t accept cold surroundings. The plant likes max lighting but can’t deal with full sun; though it does well when grown under artificial lighting.

Is dieffenbachia good for indoors?

It is the Best indoor Plant.


Watering Needs

Water, only when to topsoil, tries out completely.

Snake plants are drought-loving plants. the only way to kill this plant is to overwater it.


Bright Indoor

It is more used for indoor purposes as it is a great air purifier plant, Therefore indoor bright areas are the best suggested for this plant.



Once a month in the growing season for this plant is enough to keep it bushy and enhance new growth. Do not fertilize your plant in winters.

Repotting & Propagation

Repotting: The Dieffenbachia plant Like well-draining soil. Use 2 part Cocopeat and 1 part perlite. Choose the pot diameter according to the size of the plant. Pot or repot, during the spring Season.


Propagation: Propagation of this plant is done when it gets too big and becomes leggy. A couple of methods used for the propagation are-

  1. Root Division
    The easiest way to propagate is by dividing The plant. It sprouts pups in every growing season developed from the Roots. it can be separated and grown as a new plant while the time of repotting.
  2. Stem Cuttings
    Stems should have an “eye” from which new leaves and stems will grow.

Common Querries

1. Why is dieffenbachia dangerous?

Dieffenbachia is a great houseplant for beginners. However, It contains oxalates which can cause swelling, drooling, and loss of speech if swallowed. Swelling, redness, and irritation can also occur if the skin or eyes are exposed.

2. How much sunlight does a dieffenbachia need?

Dieffenbachia prefers Indirect sunlight or partial shade but will tolerate full shade, That is why it is called the best Houseplant.

3.Is dieffenbachia an air purifier?

 Yes, houseplants like the dieffenbachia are proven air purifiers.

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