Curry leaf plant

What is Curry Leaf Plant

Curry leaf is a most important herb used across India in some dishes to ass its medicinal effects and sweet taste to the food. It is also called Sweet Neem. Curry leaf plant is a tropical plant found in south and east Asia. It is a hardy plant that is grown as a basic house plant in South Asia due to its medicinal and household qualities.

Curry leaf plant

How do you take care of a curry leaf plant?

Light requirement

Direct sunlight – Curry plant is also known as Sweet Neem plant, which somewhere connects to the neem plant and requires full sunlight all day long for the best growth.

Curry leaf plant

Watering Needs

This plant can survive even in too dry conditions however watering it regularly will enhance to growth. The only thing considered is to keep the soil well-drained and soggy soil is the only enemy of this plant. Overwatering will lead to root rot and decaying of the plant.

Curry leaf plant


Keeping a curry leaf plant outdoor in direct sun the whole day is the best condition this plant can have.

it loves to bloom under full sun conditions. however, monsoon and summers are the ideal conditions for its growth. it can reach a massive height of 10 to 12 feet in an appropriate condition.

Curry leaf plant

Repotting & Propagation

It does not like to be repotted that much. It is better to leave it alone for years and let it be root bound before repotting.

Repotting in 2 to 3 years will do good for this plant.

Curry leaf plant can be propagated by cuttings or grown from seeds.

How to propagate plants?

Common Queries

Why is curry leaves Banned in the UK?

 UK government has banned curry leaf because of concerns about the spread of citrus greening disease.

Why are curry leaves banned in America?

 UK government has banned curry leaf because of concerns about the spread of citrus greening disease.

What is the best fertilizer for the curry leaf plant?

As this plant is used for household and medicinal purposes, It’s always better to use organic compost or vermicompost for best results.

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