Croton Plant. A colorful indoor Plant.

Croton Plant is discovered in many color combinations like Green, yellow, maroon, peach, orange, etc. It is a different galaxy of colors on its own. A best and most loved indoor plant, this plant is a great air purifier too. The colorful variegation depends on the light and age of the leaf. It can be grown at an average temperature of between 20 to 35C.

Light requirements

Indirect Bright Light

Croton Plant-like bright light. Keep the plant in bright to moderate indirect light. Croton should not be placed in direct sun. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, causing brown tips and spots. If kelp outdoor, It shows fantastic growth.

Croton Plant

Watering Croton

Once a week– the Croton plant enjoys a bit of moist soil. it normally won’t like to be too dry out or too wet. Usually a low to average watering will work for this plant, you should water this plant once every week. During the summer season water them frequently as well as in the winter season let them dry up in between watering.

Croton Plant

Location of Croton

Bright Indoor/Shaded outdoor

It is more comfortable in Bright light areas like indoor bright areas or shaded outdoors. Also, place this plant indoors as it is more sensitive to diseases and dry conditions. direct sun can cause Brown leaves and leaf drop.

Croton Plant

Croton Plant Care


This plant likes to grow in root-bound conditions, so repot only when the pot becomes full of roots and no space is left for roots to grow. The best time to repot your Plant is during spring. Choose a pot that is 1 size bigger in diameter than your current pot and avoid repotting in winters.


You can propagate your Crotons by Cuttings. The best season to start the cuttings of this plant is monsoon. However, To protect your cuttings from rotting make an artificial environment for them by covering them with polythene to trap the moisture. To learn in detail about the propagation of plants by cuttings Read More about how to propagate from Cuttings.

Fertilizing Croton

Fertilize the plant with a well-balanced fertilizer in the growth period of summers. Also, use a foliar spray to enhance growth. Also suggested, If you

Common Queries

Do Croton plants need sun?

Yes, But indirect sun. these plants require an ample amount of bright light. However, Direct sunlight tends to burn the leaves of this plant.

Is Croton an indoor or outdoor plant?

Majorly this plant is an outdoor plant that can be kept indoors only for some time.

Where do crotons grow best?

In a moist environment with an average temperature.

Why croton leaves fall off?

Check for overwatering. And add some anti-fungus powder to the soil.

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