Calathea Orbifolia Plant – Best Indoor Plant

Calathea is one of the most beautiful indoor Plant that is native to south America. This plant is an peice of attraction due to its rich colored foliage that attracts every gardener. They are known to follow the movement of the sun, the leaves close up in the night.

Calatheas are pet-friendly plants that making them a perfect plant for indoor gardening. However, It is best to place this plant near the window of your living room and keep the surroundings of this plant moist. That menas this plant loves moisture and you can use techniques like misting every dat on leaves or keeping a humidifier next to it.

Indoor Plant

Light requirements

Orbifolia Require Indirect Bright Light

Calathea Orbifolia-like bright light. Keep the plant in bright to moderate indirect light. However, Calatheas should not be placed in direct sun. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, causing brown tips and spots. Sufficient light is good for variegated plants.


Watering Needs for calathea

Calathea plants require a bit of moist soil. it normally won’t like to be too dry out. Usually watering frequently will work for this plant, you should water this plant once every two days. During the summer season water them frequently as well as in the winter season water them twice a week for best results.


Location for calathea orbifolia

Bright Indoor

Calatheas is an indoor plant but can be kept outdoors but in a shaded area where it doesn’t get direct sun. Place it in areas that receive a medium to bright indirect light, The plant should have a direct source of light. However, avoid direct sunlight.

calathea orbifolia

Calathea Orbifolia Care

Propagating Calathea Orbifolia

This plant is very easy to propagate by root division method in spring or summerseason. However, It is suggested to do it only when you see that your plant is thriving and will survive the shock from the disturbance to roots.


Calathea orbifolia do not like to be disturbed. It goes in a shock and leds the plant to die if disturbed often. However, repotting is necessary ony when the plant is root bound, the roots start comming out from the bottom of the plant asnd no space is left for the plants to grow.

Fertilization for Calathea

Fertilize your orbifolia every 15 days with a balanced fertilizer or use compost to feed your plant. Also, keep a check that the soil may not hold much water to avoid root rot. Avoid Overfertilization of this plant to avoid leaf burn. It is best to use Compost.

Common Queries for Calatheas orbifolia

1. Does Calathea need sunlight?

No, It thrives in medium and indirect sunlight.

2. Why are my Calathea leaves standing up?

This plant is known for standing leaves after the sunsets. However, sometimes it can be caused by under-watering.

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