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Broken heart plant (philodendron)

Broken Heart Plant said to be a philodendron, However, actually is a veriety of Monstera Deliciosa. One of the most popular houseplants, It is easy to grow with its heart-shaped leaves that have holes in the leaf. A broken heart plant is a vine that can fill any empty space in your home, the broken heart will add a more green feel and light to your space. This plant have a different level of attraction of every plant lover. However, this plant is not so common to find everywhere and in every location.

Comparitivly to other vines, This plant is much sensitive to heat and water conditions. we will fearn further in detail about the requirements of this plant. Moreover, If located in correct location this plantr shows a massive growth in length that covers a huge area of you living room.

Indoor plant

Light requirement

Broken heart plant-like bright light. Keeping this plant outdoors can be a bit challenging for new gardeners. As soon as you will understand if the plant has something wrong with it, It will be too late. Keep this plant indoor in bright to moderate indirect light.

This plant should not be placed in direct sun. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves, causing brown tips and spots. This plant is extremely sensitive to sunlight. However, sunlight in winters for only 1 hour or so with low heatintensity will work fine for it.

How much light does a Broken heart plant need?

4 to 5 hours of bright indirect light daily. Note. That Philodendrons are not adaptive to direct sunlight. Thus, Direct sunlight will burn your lovely Philodendrons.

Broken heart plant

Watering Needs

Twice a week– It normally won’t like to be too dry out or too wet. Usually, an average watering will work for the philodendron plant, you should water this plant twice every week. During the summer season water them frequently as well as in the winter season let them dry up in between watering.

Broken heart plant


Bright Indoor

Broken heart plant is more comfortable in Bright light areas like indoor bright areas Also it is advised to place this plant indoors as it is more sensitive to diseases and dry conditions. direct sun can cause Brown leaves and leaf drop.

Broken heart plant

Repotting & Propagation

RepottingThe Broken heart plant likes to grow in root-bound conditions, so repot only when the pot becomes full of roots and no space is left for roots to grow. The best time to repot your philodendron is during spring. Choose a pot that is 1 size bigger in diameter than your current pot and avoid repotting in winters.


PropagationYou can propagate your philodendron by a stem cutting. Choose a healthy cutting of 6-8 inches in size with at least one leaf node. Cuttings can root in water or in soil.


Fertilization: Fertilize the plant with a well-balanced fertilizer in the growth period of summers. Foliage spray fertilizer like seaweed solution works fantastic for philodendron.

Common Queries

Is Philodendron and Money plant the same?

No, they might look similar, But Philodendron and Money Plant are not the same.

Is Broken Heart plant a climber?

Yes, It is an indoor climber vine.

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