Bougainvillea is a thorny and woody vine found in relatively dry and hot areas. This vine is perfect for drought conditions and just loves the sun the whole day long. They do best in an area that is not too cold in winters.

This vine can grow up to 20 or 35 feet long if not kept under a check. Pruning is a must for this plant every year before rains. It comes in many colors and a couple of verities like variegated leaves and non-verigated. However, In India, only 3 colors are seen majorly Red, White, and orange.

Bougainvillea is a summer-flowering plant and produces flowering across whole summers. The only condition it requires is to thrive in dry soil and full day-long sunlight. In fact, fertilization is also the least requirement of this vine.

Many times, It is considered to be a tree rather than a vine. However, It is a vine as it spreads its branches of hardwood. and no specific trunk to be called a plant or a tree.

The flowers of bougainvillea are actually very small and what we are actually attracted to are the top leaves called The bracts. Some of the colors it comes in are red, purple, magenta, hot pink, light pink, orange, apricot, and white. Also known as “false flowers,” is the main attraction of the vine.

Bougainvillea Light Requirements

Bougainvillea Need Full Sunlight

This vine is really tough and wild spices that require full sunlight even in the extreme summers to produce the flowering. Flowering is the main reason that plant lovers keep this plant.

Considering the fact that in the rainy season and winters the amount of sunlight this plant gets is decreased. However, to overcome this, it is required to avoid watering this plant for the period of up to 15 days to keep the soil dry.

It does not produce flowering in winters but to keep it alive we need to keep the soil dry by not watering it.

Water requirement for Bougainvillea

This plant is a drought plant and does not require any fixed amount of watering. Just keep in mind that the soil must be completely dry in between the watering. Also, watering intervals for Bougainvillea are more than other flowing plants.

Another thing to keep in mind is to water till the water starts coming out of the bottom of the pot. In case if the plant is potted in the garden, You don’t need to worry about it.



Location for Bougainvillea is the major factor for the survival, growth, and flowering of this plant. we don’t need to worry about leaf burn from the sun, any infestation from insects or pests, or spider mites. Just plant this vine anywhere in the harshest conditions and see it thrive and flower.

This vine needs full sunlight the whole day. It is best to keep it in the south or west direction outdoor and best to place it on your entrance and let it climb on your front wall. As the colorful petals do not any attract pollinators but catch human eyes on them as well.

Bougainvillea Care

Propagating Bougainvillea

One of the easiest plants to propagate. However, protect yourself from the Thorne while handling the cutting.

Yes, This plant can easily be propagated by a woody cutting of a branch, suggested to try for rooting in the rainy season.

Potting Bougainvillea Plant

The secret of a thriving pant is mainly hiding in the potting mix of that plant. Potting mix or the soil composition for Bougainvillea is to use normal garden soil with ample amount of natural manure and other organic matters.



Fertilization for this plant is not a concern. You can use any fertilizer you have, but to get more flowering one can use DAP fertilizer once a year in February or march to boost the flowering in the season.

If looking for organic fertilization, Use cow dunk compost 2 times a year for best results.


Where does bougainvillea grow best?

Bougainvillea grows best in dry locations where the soil does not hold much water. As clay soil or area having waterlog problems is not appropriate for this plant.

Does bougainvillea like sun or shade?

Bougainvillea is a wild plant and likes to be in full sun all day.

Can bougainvillea grow in pots?

Yes, Bougainvillea does well in a pot and do best in gardens

How do you care for a bougainvillea plant?

The only way to keep your bougainvillea is to keep the soil dry and give it a full day of sun.

What kills a bougainvillea?

Only overwatering or soggy soil can kill a Bougainvillea.

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