Potting Mix

Best Potting Mix For House Plants

A good indoor potting mix is usually a mixture of peat moss/Cocopeat, vermiculite, and perlite. This potting mixture retains moisture very well and allows air to circulate through the roots, but they tend to dry out very quickly. Since they do not contain any nutrients, you must provide your plants with a consistent supply of fertilizer.

An outdoor condition best potting mix has 50% garden soil mixed with 50% organic matter like cow dunk compost or vermicompost. This provides good drainage to the soil and soft soil which allows roots to grow properly. Also, it is rich in nutrients.

Potting Mix


Cocopeat is made from coconut husk. It is naturally anti-fungal, making it an excellent choice to start seed and indoor potting mixture. 

Cocopeat is an excellent medium that can hold the moisture in the pot but does not allow the water to stand in the pot. resulting in protection from root rot.


Perlite is a natural mineral, extracted from the glass. It is simply a form of glass but without sharp edges.

It is used in Potting mix to improve aeration and improving soil texture, keeping it loose, well-draining.

Perlite and Cocopeat in 1:1 ratio is the best for indoor potting mix.

Fertilizing Potting Mix

Indoor Vs. Outdoor


Do not add any matter-based fertilizer in indoor plants as it, will invite many types of insects, fungus, and pesticides which you definitely do not want inside your home.

We suggest using foliage spray-based fertilizers like seaweed or cow dunk liquid for organic option in if you are comfortable with chemical-based fertilizer one can use NPK 19:19:19.


In outdoor plants, any fertilizer will work like compost, vermicompost, or any chemical fertilizer like DAP, Urea, or NPK.

Common queries

How do you make potting mix for indoor plants?

To avoid any insects or unwanted stuff indoor an artificial soil media is the best. Cocopeat and perlite in 1:1 ratio is the best artificial mix one can make for the best drainage in the soil.

Can you reuse old potting mix?

Yes, Any mix can be reused after treating the mix by using anti fungal solution and adding some fertilizer.

Is potting mix good for indoor plants?

Yes, It is better to use an artificial media for indoor plants. like Cocopeat and perlite mix.

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