Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Areca Palm is the most common indoor plant in India today. One of the most beautiful plants one can keep in a shaded location to fill the lush green beauty of palm in it. Areca Palm is an excellent air purifier, An easy to grow and hard to kill the plant.

Areca Palm belongs to the Araceae family And belongs to the tropical environment. Therefore, This plant loves high moisture around the leaves and shaded locations. In spite of the fact that this plant loves moisture. The only way to kill this plant is to overwater. Palms like moisture around leaves not roots.

One should focus on watering and keep in mind that the soil must be dried up in between the waterings.

Areca Palm

Light requirements

Indirect Bright Light– Areca Palm plant-like bright light. Keep the plant in bright to moderate indirect light. It should not be placed in direct sun. Direct sunlight can burn the leaves, causing brown tips and spots. If kelp outdoor, Plam shows fantastic growth.

Watering Needs

Once a week– Areca Palm enjoys a bit of dry soil. it normally won’t like to be too dry out or too wet. Usually a low to average watering will work for this plant, you should water this plant once every week. During the summer season water them frequently as well as in the winter season let them dry up in between watering.

Areca Palm


Bright Indoor/Shaded outdoor

As Areca Palm is a Tropical Plant, It is more comfortable in Indirect sunlight areas like bright indoors or shaded outdoors. Also, it is advised to place this plant indoors as it is more sensitive to diseases and dry conditions.

However, Palm is capable to tolerate direct sun up to some extent. But too much heat will cause Brown leaves and leaf drops. If this plant is placed outdoors, one can expect growth up to 10 to 15 Feet. But the only catch is to keep it safe from too much heat.

Areca Palm

Repotting & Propagation


The Areca Palm likes to grow in root-bound conditions, so repot only when the pot becomes full of roots and no space is left for roots to grow. The best sign of the feed for reporting is when your area palm stops the growth in the pot and is placed in the same pot for more than a year.

The best time to repot your Areca Palm is during spring. Choose a pot that is 1 size bigger in diameter than your current pot and avoid repotting in winters.

While repotting you should take care of the potting mix. The potting mix must be well-drained and water must not stay in the soil for long. Stagnant water for areca palm will lead to root rot which is the only killer of this plant.

Note- Adding some Anti-fungal to the soil every month will help to avoid root rot.

Areca Palm


You can propagate your Palms by Root division or seeds. Areca Palm produces Pups, Which are the small plants that come out from the sides of the roots of this plant. Which can be separated and planted separately. And one can also collect the seeds and multiply the plant.

However, Root Division is the best way to multiply this plant for a higher success rate and better genetic benefits.



Fertilize the plant with a well-balanced fertilizer in the growth period of summers. However, To maintain the green beauty of Areca Palm one should fulfill the daily requirements of this plant by using Water soluble fertilizers like NPK or Seaweed fertilizer as a Foliage spray with an interval of 15 days to make this plant green and bushier.

Common Queries

Does areca palm produce oxygen at night?

Yes, This plant absorbs many harmful gases and releases oxygen at night time.

Can areca palm be kept in bedroom?

Yes, It is an excellent plant to keep in your bedroom.

Is Areca palm good for bathroom?

No, Too much moisture is not suitable for this plant.

How do I make my areca palm Bushy?

Allow the soil t dry in between waterings, Keep in bright light but not direct sun, And Spray NPK solution every 15 days.

Can areca palm survive in low light?

Yes, It can survive in low light. However, keeping this plant outdoor in the indirect sun for 2 days every week will make it even green and bushier.

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